UFFDA 2005 - A Year For The Heart!


For the past dozen years it has been my distinct pleasure to be a small part of one of the most unique organizations that plays and romps in God’s great wilderness. The United Foundation For Disabled Archers has been a continuous source of joy and education to Karen and me as we have struggled to keep pace with the challenges and blessings that it has showered upon our lives.

Without a doubt, the most valuable benefit has been the wonderful and matchless people that have wandered into our lives over the course of UFFDA’s lifetime. People that were once strangers, but over the years have become so dear as to rival our closest blood relatives. Unique individuals that have added a wonderful depth, meaning and excellence to our simple lives, making us feel extremely blessed.

Looking back on the UFFDA years, the year of 2005 has to be one of the very best yet. Not only did our dynamic donors and personnel provide fifty disabled hunters with a top-notch outdoor experience, but they did it better than they have ever done it before. Every person who was a part of and contributed to the 2005 events should be proud of their participation regardless of how large or small it was. For without that offering, our overwhelming success would not have been possible.

The list of required thank-yous would take up the pages of this entire publication were each and every individual, organization, manufacturer, landowner, volunteer, donor and hunter to get their just mention. Each of you that contributed knows what you did to help make 2005 our best year yet. And for what you have contributed to our mission, we thank you.

UFFDA, after all, is not about taking credit or bows. It’s not about standing in line to get patted on the back. Instead, it is about caring, sharing, and loving our fellow man. Working together to make this special, annual celebration happen in such a way that everyone involved feels more valuable, more successful and more loved for their participation. And that, my friends is what UFFDA seems to be so very good at.

One of the greatest joys of my relationship with this great organization has been watching the personal growth of people. Over the past twelve years, it has been my distinct privilege to witness individuals, who thought themselves ordinary, do very extraordinary things. Stretching their personal limits and accomplishing great things as they grew in ways they never thought possible.

There is no such thing as a crystal ball or a person that can foretell the future. Consequentially, there is no way of knowing what is in store for UFFDA in the near or distant future. However, as the leadership of this organization gets stronger and more dedicated people join our ranks each year, I can not prevent myself from expecting only the very best and brightest of futures for UFFDA.

Along with those bright and positive expectations, I am extremely proud to run the fields and forests with such a stellar group of people as those that give the United Foundation For Disabled Archers its special purpose and its precious life. God bless you all for the part you have played in UFFDA’s growth and success.