2015 Board of Directors Candidates


2015 UFFDA Board Member Candidates


The following individuals have been nominated to serve a three year term on the UFFDA Board of Directors beginning June 1, 2015. 


Tim Sartwell is one of UFFDA’s disabled members, has been a member for over eight years and has served on the Board for the past six years. He resides with his family in Big Lake, MN, sells real estate part time and is a stay-at-home Dad. Tim has gone back to school and gets out hunting as often as he can, but it is never enough. Tim is very glad to have found UFFDA, he appreciates all that it does for the disabled archer and would like to continue to participate in the day to day business of getting the job done.





Terrie Schrank is one of UFFDA’s disabled members, has been actively involved with the organization for the past ten years and has served on the Board for the past six. Terry has put her heart and soul into making the UFFDA more fun and has definitely made it more interesting with her charm. She has served faithfully on the board and has served as the Name-tag Chairperson. Terrie and her husbandlive in Prior Lake, MN. Terry is anxious to continue to give back to an organization see believes in and supports in every way.





John Swanson is one of UFFDA’s disabled members, and had been an active member since the very first UFFDA hunt 20-years ago. John has become a legend from his constant retelling of some fable about being left in the woods by his guide on the very first UFFDA hunt. He has served on the Board previously and currently serves as the Range Master at the Camp Wilderness Hunt. John has been an exemplary member since 1995, in spite of his claims of being deserted in the heat of battle. John lives with his family in Sauk Rapids, MN and works at the V.A. Hospital in St. Cloud, MN.




UFFDA Annual Board Of Directors Election

In the spring of each calendar year, the UFFDA membership elects three (3) new members to the Corporate Board of Directors.  If you are interested in playing a role in the future growth of the United Foundation For Disabled Archers, please read the following election procedures.


UFFDA Election Procedures

Any UFFDA member wishing to run for the position of UFFDA Board Member must submit a short biography (no more than 200 words) along with a photograph of themselves for publication in the Winter issue of the UFFDA Chronicles.  The biography should include a short personal description (name, where you live, occupation, and how long you have been an UFFDA member).  It should also include your qualifications to be a board member and why you would like to serve on the board.


The biography and photograph must be sent to the Corporate Secretary by January 1,which is the deadline for the Winter issue of the UFFDA Chronicles. This process must be completed in order to have your name placed on the ballot for the upcoming election. A ballot will be mailed to the paid members of UFFDA on or about April 1st of each year unless there are only three candidates running. 


The ballots must be returned to the election committee by May 1st to be counted in that year’s election. Each term will be for three years and a serious commitment is expected on the part of each elected director. That commitment will include travel to and from all regular board meetings and a serious willingness to volunteer time and effort towards fulfilling the Corporate Mission Statement. If you are not willing to make that commitment, please do not submit your name for consideration.


If you have any questions about the procedures, please call any of the officers and they will be happy to answer them for you.