The UFFDA Mail Box


Excited About What UFFDA Offers

Dear UFFDA - This is so exciting to hear about this program! I thought I would never be able to hunt again first of all I only make 125.00 a week on workers comp and I have had to sell all my guns and my bows except my grandfathers recurve that is about 45 years old. It would make me so happy to be able to go sit in a tree stand again and breath in the fresh morning air while watching a doe and a yearling graze on the food plot just yards in front of me, while waiting for a shot at a buck of a lifetime again.

I know it is not guaranteed that I will be chosen to go on the hunt, but it would make my year. Is there something I need to do to be considered for this program? The only thing that would hold me back is the money issue. Like I said I only make 125.00 a week and my soon to be wife needs all that I get to help with bills.

We struggle to make ends meet every month but I do have gems to donate to a fund raiser to help sponsor someone even if I don’t get chosen for the trip. I would like to help make someone’s dreams come true. It sounds like this program is something I would like to be a part of. Please get back to me. My telephone # is 262-751-5431. My address is W148 N8859 Jefferson Ave. Apt # 1; Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 also my E-Mail is Please get back to me if I can do anything to help. Thanks. Ben Radder

Your membership and hunt applications are on the way, Ben. Hope to hear from you soon. As a new member to UFFDA, you are guaranteed a spot for the 2007 hunt. Hope to hear from you soon.

The Great Turkey Adventure

Dear UFFDA - George Bruhn, Jr., Eugene Striefel and I were Turkey hunting for the first time on Becklin Wildlife Management Area in Cambridge, MN. We were looking forward to a successful hunt and by the number of birds we seen, we were in high hopes for the season. About 15 birds were seen the first day and we got 1 in about 47 yards but could not get him in any closer.

The second day we got one in at 42 yards but couldn't get him to come closer. We again seen many birds. Gene and George and I had been hunting out of one of the new blinds that were erected at Becklin WMA. It was perfect for us and we are thankful to Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, Whitetails unlimited , Pheasants Forever and Isanti County Sportsman's Club for their donations to build theses stands. A big "Thank you", goes out to George Cole and his "Sentence to Serve" crew from Isanti County and the Minnesota DNR along with Doug Welinski and Dave Pauly for their never ending support of this project. We seen birds the next day (Friday) but were not able to get them to come to our blinds. We decided to let the refuge sit for a day and come back to hunt on Sunday Morning. We had set up a Double Bull Blind on Friday night as we were seeing some Turkeys in the central part of the hunt area.

Gene decided to hunt the Double Bull Blind and George and I went to the trailer blind behind the Isanti Sportsman's Club. We had all been together during the other times and had discussed many reasons why we couldn't get the Turkeys to come closer. Doug Welinski told me to quit calling after they get about 50 yards out. This was very good advice for George and I as we started calling after hearing about 4 different gobbles from all around us. George told me to look out the side of the blind as there was a Hen Turkey about 10 yards away from us. I stated to call some more and about 15 minutes later we seen a Tom coming from our left about 70 yards out. I called a little more and then stopped but that particular Turkey stayed out of range. George poked me and said look in front of us. There were 2 Toms coming right at us about a 100 yards out. I started calling again and they came to about 50 yards and hung up. I quit calling and they ran right to our decoys which we had set a Jake and Hen about 10 yards from our blind. George shot the nearest Tom right through the head and we high fived each other. We were the happiest people at that moment and only wished Gene could have been there as he would also have been able to harvest a Turkey. The other Tom after the one was shot jumped on the downed bird and started a relentless pecking on him. We sat there and talked about our hunt and how elated we were to have had the opportunity to be able to do this hunt. You see George and Gene are 2 of my "BEST FRIENDS" and they are not able to get out unless we do it together.It doesn't get any better than this. Gene seen many Turkeys on Sunday but was unable to get a Tom close enough for a shot. We look forward to next year. I also had to learn some things that day. I had never done a Turkey dressing in the wild before and George said for a "NOVICE" I did a very good job. Gregory Waite

Medical Equipment for UFFDA Members

Dan, you and I talked along with Marvin Carlston at the Gold Tip booth at ATA. Our other company, Freedom Home Medical is a spin off of Gold Tip. I have attached the brochure for Freedom and our website is We had talked about the possibility of FHM being able to provide powered wheelchairs for your members. Maybe we could talk more about that concept and how it might work. We need to see if it would be beneficial to either of us. Take a look and give me call. 800-551-0541 x124. Bob.

Bob – I will include it in the next newsletter and we will see if any of our members are interested. If they are I will have them call the UFFDA Main Desk at 320-634-3660 or email at to talk with me about their needs and then I will touch base with you. Thanks for the offer, Bob. Lets hope that we have some members that are interested.>>------->DJH

Hunting Opportunity for UFFDA Members

Hey Dan and Karen - I hope all is well and that you had a great Thanksgiving. It has been a great holiday for Dannon, Autumn, and me. We are currently in New Hampshire visiting my Mom and Stepdad, and my brother, sister, and stepsister are here too. It has been a lot of fun. One of the extra special parts of the trip was a sea duck hunt that my Stepdad and I took together early this week. We chartered a guide for a 2-day hunt, and had a blast. Calm seas, good weather, and good shooting were all part of the fun. It was his first hunt ever, and my first Sea Duck hunt, and we both limited out each day. You can see a couple pictures.