Publishers Point Of View- A Historic Occasion For UFFDA


Publisher’s Point of View

A Historic Occasion for UFFDA  

          Since the onset of UFFDA back in 1995, a lot of things have happened to make our story what it is today.  History is a funny thing; it has a way of exposing the truth, the heart if you will, just as long as it is portrayed in an open and honest manner. 

          It is my belief that if one looks back at the history of the UFFDA family - all 23 years of it - he or she will find it to be not unlike that of any normal, loving family, a bit crazier than most perhaps, but mostly typical.  However, one thing that is blatantly missing from that history, one thing which is quite naturally and always a part of every other family history… is a wedding.  You know, a good old family celebration of a good man and good woman getting hitched, saying "I do," and committing their lives, love and hearts to one another forever and ever.

          While this year, at the Camp Wilderness hunt, we fixed that shortcoming by holding the very first wedding ever during an officially sanctioned UFFDA hunt.  It was the first one in UFFDA History and set yet one more milestone for our unique and very special organization.  Our very own UFFDA Secretary, Liz Gorham became the bride of UFFDA Board Member, Paul Hedine… hey, that is almost like a Royal Wedding, right?  Well… not really.  You see Liz and Paul are about as real and down to earth and any two newlyweds could ever be.

          This historic occasion took place in one of the majestic camp sites, deep within the recesses of the beautiful Camp Wilderness forest and was witnessed by a small group of friends and family.  Most of the rest of the crew, after all, was out in the field, chasing those pesky whitetail deer. 

          The weather was perfect and the handsome, north woods landscape further blessed the union of Paul and Liz as our very own Hunt Chaplin, Neil Thielke presided over the exchanging of their vows, thereby uniting them forever, as one.  The union was officially witnessed by Mark & Kim Skidmore and Dan & Karen Hendricks in the shade of towering red and white pine trees.  There could not have been a more peaceful, serene and beautiful setting to begin a marriage than what was had at that very pristine setting.

          That evening during the banquet festivities, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hedine were introduced to the UFFDA family for the very first time as man and wife.  At approximately the same time, a unscheduled wedding cake materialized our of the depths of the kitchen surprising the newlyweds and helping to feed and sweeten up the masses.  We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Hedines and wish them a long and successful life filled with much love, happiness and all of the good things that they both deserve.  Congratulations, Paul and Liz, may blessing be upon you until the very end.



Photo Captions:

          UFFDA Wedding B

                    Liz and Paul Hedine, the first couple to get married at an UFFDA Hunt

          UFFDA Wedding C
                    Wedding Party L o R: Karen Hendricks, Kim Suter Skidmore, Liz Hedine, Paul Hedine,                              Mark Skidmore and DJH

          UFFDA Wedding D

                    Bride and Groom with Liz's Mom & Dad

          UFFDA Wedding E

                    Bride & Groom with the official wedding cake

          UFFDA Wedding F

                    Set amid the natural beauty of Came Wilderness